Rock N Roll, It’s Back!

Every year, from kindergarten all the way through high school, countless young musicians from kindergarten through high school have banded together at a summer camp called Rock Informed Youth. “Every summer there is a new school year, and every year it’s tough to play music because of the new techniques and equipment that’s available to us,” says the organizer of the camp, Mike Krumhal. “That’s why every summer we see more of our young people looking for something new to play.”

What these young people do not realize is that it’s not hard to find new musical equipment; indeed, the world wide web offers so much information about music equipment, that even the best musicians can find what they need. “I was at a youth camp last week where I met a great musician whose only problem was finding the right gear,” says David Buehler. “When we got into the camping trip I suggested that she take a look at the web to find the equipment that she needed. She did that and I was shocked at all the information I found on what to look for when buying equipment.”

David says that he saw that many of the young people were playing a lot of rock songs in their summer performances at the camp. “But the thing that really impressed me was that they knew how to play many different kinds of music, even though it might sound kind of strange at first. I learned a few new techniques that I hope I can pass along to my own children,” he says.

The web has made it easy for many young people to connect with like-minded musicians and get them in touch with each other. “There are forums for different kinds of musicians,” says David. For example, a large discussion group of young people who play rock and roll have met in the Guitarists Forum, where each year they share their ideas and experiences. The next time you’re at the library looking for books on guitars, you’ll see a forum full of rock guitarists from around the country. looking for tips and tricks on how to improve their techniques.

Other forums, such as the Music Teachers Forum, which covers all genres of music, or the Classical Guitar Teachers, which discuss teaching techniques and playing techniques from classical music, are also available. to help young people make good use of these resources. If you want to learn how to play an instrument, there are plenty of websites dedicated to teaching beginners.

Young people are learning to play instruments in many places, and many of these places are free. For example, many community centers and schools offer free lessons for young people who need some help to develop their skills. Even the local gym is a great place to find local guitar teachers and guitar enthusiasts. You will find guitar teachers and groups at the local YMCA and your local community center.

Many of the online sites that you can access are free. These sites help you get all of the information that you need to start playing music and become a musician. And of course, there is plenty of free information that you can get online.

Rock ‘n roll are back in style again! We should be proud that our young people are getting involved with this great genre of music and the internet is giving them the tools to get started. They are ready to enjoy the benefits of playing music as much as they are excited about the fact that it’s back in their lives.