To All Aspiring Musicians.....

Play in a band with us this summer. We guarantee it will be an experience you will
NEVER forget!

Feel the excitement getting on stage and playing your favorite songs in a band that you helped create.

Learn skills and tricks and when you're ready we'll turn it up!!
It's time let your STAR RISE UP!

 Spring workshop band in rehearsal. 

Spring workshop band in rehearsal. 

new paltz rock band workshops

In our workshops the students get to choose the songs to play.
They choose a name for the band and ultimately put on their own concert.
What could be a better way to build confidence and experience the excitement
of playing together in their very own band!

  The  Watermelonblowupairheadballs  performing at the end-of-year MUSIC BASH at the Rosendale Theater, 2017

The Watermelonblowupairheadballs performing at the end-of-year MUSIC BASH at the Rosendale Theater, 2017

Fall Band workshops starting in october

We will annouce the start date very soon,


  • Keyboards & Guitars; Be able to play basic major and minor chords.
  • Understand chords written as letters. e.g. C major, E minor, G7, etc.
  • Bassist must have knowledge of where notes are on the bass and have at least 1 year of lessons or equivalent.
  • Singers must be able to sing in key and understand basic musical terminology. 
  • Drummers must be able to maintain a beat for the length of a song. Preferably be able to vary the style of beat.
  • Guitarists and bassists must have their own instruments.
  • We provide amps, keyboards, microphones and everything else!

For cost and to register go to REGISTRATION page