So Many workshops available
young musicians and adults


For ages 9-17 we have
Rock Band workshops
in New Paltz
at Marist College
in Poughkeepsie


Jazz Improv Workshop

This summer in New Paltz we are offering a jazz improv workshop in addition to our rock band workshops! Learn how to improvise and play through the most famous jazz songs.
Open to all instruments!

Summer band programs begin July 22.
Open to ages 9-17.
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Adult Rock Band Workshop

Do you want to revive your inner rock star? Or try playing in a band and feel the rush of performing on stage?
Then our Adult Rock Band workshop is where you need to be. Don’t be shy. We’ve got you covered. Bring out the rocker in you and sign up for our adult rock band. You won’t regret it we assure you!

Take the first step

Taking the first step in the world of playing in bands can be scary or even overwhelming but have no fear. We understand what it’s like to play in a band for the first time.
We’ve all been there!
Our team of coaches comprise of musicians who have amassed a wealth of experience playing and teaching young musicians.
Our objective is to give students a great time learning how to play in a band. In our workshops they will learn how to communicate with each other, how to critically listen to songs in order to hear how the songs work and what each instrument plays. They will learn how to work together to create an awesome sound and style. In our workshops students will build confidence in themselves and their skills while exploring their instruments and discovering new skills and techniques that will help them on their road as musicians.
We provide a supportive and relaxed atmosphere where students can create and experiment with ideas and sounds.
This is perfect opportunity to grow and develop as a musician. Many of our past students have gone on to form their own bands and continue to enjoy their passion for music.