The New Paltz Rock Mission


It is our mission to provide an opportunity for young musicians to acquire valuable experience and confidence playing in an organized band, assisting them in a constructive and helpful way to develop the tools and skills on which they can build their own unique style of playing.

With our guidance, students learn how to interact with others respectfully while having fun and reaping the rewards of making music. Everyone has an equal say in choosing songs, image and musical ideas. Each person understands their role in the band and learn how they each play an equally important part in creating a successful unit.

Our goal is to give each student the tools to help them through the wonderful world of playing music with others. Tools that will help them in their future life.




One Epic Place
122 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561 


We suggest calling first to make sure someone is available to meet with you. 

Alex J talks about her experience playing in the New Paltz Rock workshop band "TOTAL TRASH" with NPRx director Julian Baker.

"We Will Rock You"

New Paltz Rock have been providing young musicians with the opportunity to play in an organized rock band workshop environment since 2010. In these workshops, sessions are filled with playing, learning about rock music, working together as a team, picking up tips and tricks and performing. Students experience playing all types of rock music from the classics from the early days of rock & roll to today's rock bands.

The New Paltz Rock mission is to provide an opportunity for aspiring rock musicians to play in an organized band and to educate them in the music that has maintained its presence through time. To respect, recognize and appreciate the musicians along with the music itself. What started out as the music that shocked, becoming a way of life for many and ultimately providing a platform for musicians to express themselves through their music is now in New Paltz. NPR provides that same opportunity for young musicians in and around the area to learn and express themselves through their music and instruments.

This experience will have a lasting effect on all who participate. The skills, knowledge and confidence they will obtain will provide them with a lifetime foundation on which to build.

Julian Baker, Director

Julian Baker has had a rich and wide career in the music business.

Since arriving from the UK in 1989 he has continuously been involved in music. Working alongside musicians from bands such as Pink Floyd to recording sessions in NYC studios, playing bass guitar and keyboards with bands, producing artists and managing recording studios, Julian brings a wealth of music and industry experience with him.

Julian currently teaches History of Rock and Roll and other music classes at Marist College and teaches keyboards and guitar out of his studio in New Paltz.

He also writes and produced music for licensing with a New York City production company and is a session player in recording studios around the area.

His work with NYC production company BeatsPlanet recently won him a RCAA Gold Certified award for is work on a track that reached over 80+ million views on YouTube.

Julian holds a BA in Jazz Music from Leeds College of Music in the UK.